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Welcome to MapMyths![edit]

This wiki recreates the 'MapMyths' (2003-2005) process & documentation made by Andrew Gryf Paterson & Signe Pucena into mediawiki format, and gives it a new life for its 20th Anniversary.

'Mapping and Sewing Together Mythologies' AKA 'MapMyths' was a pioneering (one of the first international) example of using a media-enabled wiki platform for locative media storytelling.

The process started in July 2003, and by February 2004 the documentation was reproduced on an early independent wiki-platform called TamTam, developed by Aleksandar 'Aco' Erkalovic, then of MaMa -Multimedia Institute Zagreb. The production and archive of 'MapMyths' documentation has been supported by RIXC Centre for New Media Culture, Rīga, Latvia, since 2004. This process was one of the out-comes and -goings of the 1st International Locative Media Workshop that took place at K@2 Centre for Culture and Information in July 2003.



The 2003-2005 documentation represents and tells stories from Liepājas Karosta, Latvia, and Inari-Ivalo, Sápmi in Finland.

In December 2023, new page entries will be added to the 'Karosta Chapter', with Russian & Ukrainian language versions added also.

Transferring the documentation to Miraheze for the 20th anniversary of the start of the 'Mapmyths' process aims to re-animate past content for new inter-actors, and return the project to a wiki platform after 17 years of being present online only as HTML static pages. It is hoped that the new languages and content can be developed from this new Miraheze base, re-fulfilling the poly-vocal authorship potential of local and locative media-based storytelling using wiki platforms.